Portland/Vancouver’s Outer Space Heaters combine the sounds of classic surf, prog and shoegaze influences into a modern mix of cinematic, (mostly) instrumental, science-fiction themed surf/space/post-rock. A bit like if Maps and Atlases merged with Dick Dale and then wrote songs about dying alone in space, with live performances set against a projected backdrop of futurist, found-footage imagery.

The Desolate Surf EP release from 2012 featured mostly instrumental futurist surf arrangements at breakneck tempos. The debut full length, Transmissions, is a departure from the early songs in variety and scope. Transmissions inclusion of complex vocal harmonies, genre-bending song choices and a cohesive storyline are helping push the Outer Space Heaters into a new era of songwriting and exploration.

The Outer Space Heaters have been active in the Pacific Northwest since Summer 2011, appearing regularly in Portland area venues including Dante’s, Hawthorne Theater, Ash Street Saloon, The Record Room, The Know, Kelly’s Olympian, Backspace,  the Foggy Notion, Slim’s, the Kenton Club, Firkin and others. Outside of the Portland area, the Outer Space Heaters have melted the faces of audiences in Seattle, WA; Bend, OR; and the Oregon Country Fair in Veneta.

In May 2013, Outer Space Heaters performed a three-hour set of original material and cinematic cover tunes in Mattie’s Room at McMenamins 14th Annual UFO Festival in McMinnville, OR.

Outer Space Heaters was voted as The Deli Portland’s Artist of the Month in late August 2013.



Outer Space Heaters

Members of the Outer Space Heaters have been part of the Portland music scene for over 10 years; current and past projects include Bike ThiefNTNT, The Stubborn Lovers, Avery Bell, Sunken Chest, Elk LoverBingo Bango, and Ruff Haüsen.

  • Chad Van Dyke – Guitars
  • Andy MacMillan – Guitars
  • Auston Jubb – Bass
  • Wil Veale – Drums