The Menace From Earth Part 1: The Flight

Six-song EP release December 3, 2015 at the Alberta Street Pub.

Stream “Home,” the lead single from The Menace From Earth.

album cover
All songs written by Chad Van Dyke, Andy MacMillan, Wil Veale, Auston JubbEngineered by Skyler Norwood at Miracle Lake Studios
Mixed by Skyler Norwood and Andy Macmillan
Mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion StudioAlbum art by Sean Bucknam
Disk art by Reese LawhonGuest vocals by Barbara Richardson (Catharsis) and Emily Seabroke (Thruster)
Guest saxophone by Trevor Lund (Thruster, Transmissions Receive) and Buddy J Kieffer (Dead Sun Surf)
Guest trumpet by John England-Fisher (Dead Sun Surf)
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Desolate Surf
The Outer Space Heaters’ soundtrack to dying alone in space has been expanded, remixed, and remastered for CD release in 2013.Recording Notes
Drums on “Space Cowboy,” “Escape Velocity,” “Distance,” “Aphelion,” “Signals” and “Burn Supernova” recorded by Kevin Hahn at Opal Studio, February 2012. Additional recording by Dusty Richards.”Escape Velocity,” “Distance,” “Aphelion,” “Signals” and “Burn Supernova” mixed by Dusty Richards.”Space Cowboy” mixed by Andy MacMillan.”Event Horizon” and “Pulsar” recorded and mixed by Andy MacMillan, March 2013.
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PDX A-Go-Go features surf music from the Pacific Northwest with two songs from Outer Space Heaters. Guitars, organ, theremin… yes, theremin. Five bands, ten songs, that preserve a moment in time, the summer of 2012, when instrumental surf music rode the crest of a wave in Portland, OR.The Surf Weasels, WaveSauce, Susan SurfTone, The Outer Space Heaters, and Shade 13 offer you a sample of what’s going on here on the northern end of the west coast.Get the PDX a Go-Go surf compilation CD bundled with a download of Desolate Surf at Bandcamp